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Information security consulting, research and mentorship services. Technical & strategic support to enhance your cybersecurity posture through Red Team exercises, highly specialized trainings and advisory.

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Protecting companies, researching vulnerabilities, writing tools, training engineers, advising leadership teams, educating people.

300+ million

ransomware attacks in 2022

10+ Billion

dollars lost per year due to cyberattacks

70+ million

million people fall victim to cyber crimes yearly.

50 days

needed on average to resolve an insider’s attack

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Security audits

Unveiling vulnerabilities and enhancing security through comprehensive penetration tests

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Red Team exercises

Battle-Testing security to challenge your defense assumptions

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Virtual CISO & advisory

Elevating cybersecurity strategy: services for strategic risk management

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Research & development

Driving innovation through research projects and tool development

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Emergency support

Rapid response centered on swift Incident resolution and risk management

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Trainings & education

Empower your team with cutting-edge cybersecurity knowledge through tailored programs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does regular penetration testing contribute to the security of a company?

Penetration testing is a proactive strategy to find and fix vulnerabilities. It identifies entry points, assesses security controls, and enhances the company’s readiness to withstand and respond to actual threats.

2. What are the main benefits of Red Team exercises?

Red team exercises are crucial for simulating cyber threats, identifying weaknesses, and enhancing organizational preparedness. They cultivate employee awareness and facilitate continuous security improvement, ensuring resilience against evolving cyber threats.

3. When should a company prioritize the implementation of cybersecurity measures, and what key factors should influence the timing of these initiatives?

A company should prioritize cybersecurity measures from the start, reassessing as it grows. Key factors include operations, data sensitivity, regulations, and assets.